Living your life quite right

There’s a man up on the screen 

Says you’re not living the dream 

From what I see I fear 

No smiling from ear to ear 

What’s the matter with you son? 

That you ain’t yet begun 

To start living your life quite right 


You ain’t got no fancy phone 

On the Internet you’re unknown 

Thinking for yourself’s a sin 

How will you fit in ?

Why don’t you just conform 

And go follow the norm 

Now that’s living you life quite right 

It’s good enough for the rest of us 

Why can’t you see the light 

If you do what I tell you to 

I swear you´ll be alright 


Well I guess that I’ll comply 

Ain’t no reason to cry 

Go buy whatever I see 

Unhappy for eternity 

No need to be proud 

Just go follow the crowd 

And start living my life quite right 



You used to say 

I just don’t know 

What to do with my life 

Then I looked at you and smiled 

And said  Well, it’s OK 

‘cos neither do I 

Life keeps running while we’re making other plans 

No need to worry about things that ain’t in our hands 

Kick off your shoes, play your own tune 

Be the river and touch the moon 

Burn in your mind you gotta know how to fly (×2) 

Wish you were here 

After all these years 

So we could live 

What might have been 

No doubt in my mind 

With your smiling eyes 

We would be laughing now 

And flying high 

Chorus (last line ×3) 

You used to say



Here but not here

Sometimes the heart sees 

What the eyes just can’t perceive 

No covering up 

No hiding from 

The web of lies we weave 

You lie beside me 

But you’re a million miles away 

Your touch is cold 

Your eyes don’t smile 

The empty words you say 

Here but not here 

You’re not really here with me 

Here but not here 

That’s not how it’s meant to be 

The sparks should fly 

The passion burn for all eternity 

You’re not really here with me. 

I’d give my life to get back how we used to be 

If only I could find the way 

To conjure up the magic that we used to feel 

Loving and being loved for real 

Better to have loved and lost 

I guess that’s what they’ll say 

Get off your butt 

Put on a brave new face 

Tomorrow’s a brand new day 

But there’s little room for logic 

In this bitter game we play 

And my frail heart 

Feels torn apart 

And just keeps on aching anyway 

Here but not here…..